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Our Story

For over two decades, we led teams delivering automated Targeting solutions supporting US-led Coalition operations such as Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and C2ISR analytics solutions in support of global operations. Fueled by talented Employees dedicated to mission success, the hallmark of these solutions was the fusion and sharing of Operations and Intelligence data from CONUS to the tactical edge, enabling the integration of over 150 Joint, Service, and Coalition legacy and emerging systems. Along the way, we helped build a thriving Defense software company.


Following successive executive roles with both small and large defense integrators, we decided to return to our small company roots. We founded Valencor with the knowledge that incremental automation of today’s industrial age processes is not enough to solve tomorrow’s global security challenges. Valencor is accelerating radical change to meet those challenges, focused on securely integrating, managing, and exploiting data across emerging data-centric security environments.  


We are committed to building a world-class team in which each team member is respected and valued, enabled by the same knowledge management best practices we advise our customers to employ. As C5ISR & Targeting Pathfinders, we are ready to partner with government and industry teammates that share our commitment to the mission.

- Kevin L Moffatt, CEO & Co-Founder
- Charles F. McLean III, CTO & Co-Founder

Who We Are

Our Leadership Team

Valencor is the perfect combination of agility and deep experience when it comes to solving the DoD’s toughest technology problems.

Kevin Moffatt, Co-Founder and CEO of Valencor, is a hands-on executive and technical leader with over 20 years of experience providing innovative enterprise solutions and services in challenging operational environments. Prior to Valencor, Kevin led organic revenue growth of a P&L in a small Defense software company to over $60M per year. Following successive acquisitions by Private Equity and a large Defense & Intelligence integrator, he led successively larger C5ISR solutions and services groups, ultimately managing a P&L with $600M in annual revenue. His focus on building and enabling high performing teams with evolving technology has consistently delivered results, integrating data and capabilities across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including Targeting, Counter-IED, strategy and assessment, national capacity building, ISR operations, and intelligence analysis, in support of US Government and Multi-National Coalition operations around the world.  

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Kevin Moffatt
CEO & Co-Founder

Connecting Dots

Nikki Herman
COO & Partner

Nikki Herman, Partner & COO of Valencor, is a recognized leader in the Defense and Intelligence Sectors for more than 20 years, having held numerous positions including Vice President of Finance and Operations for a multi-billion-dollar corporation, and C-level positions in small and mid-tier companies. She was instrumental in scaling and managing corporate operations for a small Defense software company through explosive growth and successive acquisitions by Private Equity and a large Defense & Intelligence integrator. Nikki’s expertise includes integrating companies, CAS and DCAA/DCMA compliance, Government Accounting, Incurred Cost submissions, financial management, and benefit plan structuring.

Charles (Chuck) F. McLean III, Co-Founder and CTO of Valencor, is comfortable in a board room, but prefers to have his hands on a keyboard building solutions. Prior to Valencor, Chuck served as COO of a small Defense services company, after 17 years successfully growing technical programs instrumental in the growth and acquisition of a small Defense software company. He spent over five years deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, working directly with stakeholders to understand and meet critical operational needs with agile Targeting and C2ISR solutions—credited by senior commanders with saving lives and resources. His innovative solutions have been used to power data integration and replication across multiple security enclaves, delivering interoperability to over 150 Joint and Coalition systems. Chuck drives the technical vision for Valencor, focusing on delivering next-generation, secure cloud-native data integration solutions accelerating transition of DoD’s legacy C5ISR mission systems to Zero Trust Architectures.

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Charles F. McLean III
CTO & Co-Founder

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