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Operationalizing Applied Research & Emerging Technology

Our Services

Data Integration in Multi-Level Security Environments

Zero Trust Architecture. Data Centric Security. Not just buzzwords, but a true Cybersecurity paradigm shift in how organizations securely control access and manage data in the Cloud. Transitioning legacy capabilities to this environment will be a substantial undertaking over the next decade. Valencor is building a toolset, informed by best practices, to reduce the lift and accelerate change, to include capabilities to leverage legacy network-centric security (NCS) systems in a data-centric security (DCS) environment without sacrificing interoperability.

  • Transitioning to Zero Trust / DCS Cybersecurity

  • Data Integration in a DCS Environment

  • Designing data architectures to span data fabrics

  • Large scale Data Replication as a Service – Cloud to Tactical Edge

  • Interoperability between legacy NCS and DCS systems

  • Search and Discovery in a Zero Trust environment

Operationalizing Applied Research & Emerging Technology

We have partnered with government and industry to transition emerging technology to operational users worldwide, including Natural Language Processing, Semantic Search, and Big Data Analytics. These tools are only as good as the quality of their data, whether its training models or searching for the proverbial needle. Applied Research takes creative thinking, willingness to take risk, robust experimentation, and close coordination between researchers and operators to ensure the new capability is actually value added to the mission.

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Semantic Search / Taxonomies / Ontologies

  • Big Data Analytics / Ops Research Analysis (ORSA)

Information Technology Experts

Whether we’re writing and deploying software in an enterprise cloud or at the tactical edge, we have experience leading large scale agile development efforts for Department of Defense customers. Our approach is informed by experience working in dynamic environments requiring resilient architectures and responsiveness to evolving mission requirements. We understand that data is the fuel needed to shorten the kill chain, and bring the context gained by integrating 150+ Joint, Service, and Coalition systems to each project, always mindful of what’s ultimately needed at the tactical edge.

  • Full Stack Agile Software Development / DevSecOps

  • Enterprise System Engineering / System Architecture

  • System Administration / System Maintenance

  • Data Architecture Design / Engineering / Replication

  • Network Architecture / Design / Engineering

  • Cloud Architecture / Engineering

C5ISRT Systems Development & Subject Matter Expertise

With our roots in providing intelligence support to US, NATO, & Coalition operations worldwide, we have focused our systems development efforts on the Air Operations Center, all phases of the Joint Targeting Cycle, ISR Operations orchestration, Force Protection and Counter-IED, and HUMINT reporting systems. Developing capabilities to fuse intelligence and operations data and facilitating data sharing via Cross Domain Solutions have been hallmarks of our work, ensuring delivery of actionable data where and when it is needed.

  • Air Operations Center (Strategy Div / Plans / Ops / Intel)

  • Joint Targeting Cycle Automation (All Phases)

  • Collection Management / Orchestration

  • Counter-IED Reporting Systems

  • HUMINT Reporting Systems

  • C2ISR Systems & Ops-Intel Data Fusion

  • Structured Analytic Techniques / Analytic Tradecraft

  • Cross Domain Solution (CDS) Engineering

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